Ready to Fly

Bradatech provides kit assembly services and pre-built solutions for various platforms.  Contact us for more details on having your kit pre-built before shipping.

Cutting Edge Aerial Platforms

We have built up extensive experience developing machines ranging from small, lightweight machines, right up to fully automated GPS systems. We offer solutions, built to your specifications to meet your requirements. All at extremely competitive prices, that are much lower than many of the over priced systems available.

We are constantly researching, building and experimenting with cutting edge technology before deciding what works best with our systems. Our engineering group has over 50 years combined experience in the aerial platform market.

Based on simpler mechanics and easier flight control, with more stablility than single-rotor systems, the last 18 months has seen a leap forward in aerial imagery with multi-rotor systems. Our multicopter range is amongst the best in terms of reliability and quality, and we´re here with the advice and know-how to get you in the air.

Multi-Rotor Systems

We've worked closely with our partners and have gathered much experience with automated flight control systems over the years. That is why we are confident the products we choose in our aerial solutions provide the ultimate in stability, reliability and payload control. Using components from established, high quality brands, we can be certain that each component has had the time and research put into it to make it the best in its class. It also means that repairs and maintenance are easier and more cost effective, thanks to the availiability of parts right here in Canada and the rest of North America.

  • Technical Expertise Technical Expertise

    Bradatech's flight control group consists of experienced technologists and technicians well versed in both traditional and the most recent high-technology developments occurring in the industry.

  • Prompt Response Prompt Response

    We attempt to provide above average response times with our customer service.

  • Repair and Warranty Repair and Warranty

    For warranty services and repairs, Bradatech will accept your items and communicate your requests to our suppliers.